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Thursday, August 18, 2011


 This is the picture of 'Die Badende' (The Bather) by Oliver Voss, a German artist and owner of an advert agency. Names like 'Badenixe' (Bathing Beauty), Riesen-Nixe (Grand Mermaid)  "Lady Of The Lake"have been given to the sculpture which is four metre high above the waters at Alster Lake, Hamburg in Germany.  

The exceptionally well made up face is very endearing and captivatingly creepy. This sculpture has to be described as sultry, very sexy and beautiful female. One cannot help but wonder at what gave the inspiration for this project. It was like a mermaid relaxing in the waters. Inviting!

I was shocked at the sight of the sculpture, scared but strangely very drawn to it. It is usual to expect a female looking figure out of water to be a mermaid, except that in this case, the knees were peeping out and the knees were human.

This gigantic structure is 67ft long and weighs 2 tons. The reclining lady who could pass for been nude id actually a 3D reality advert for a beauty products' company, called Soap and Glory.  The lady is to promote bathing as an art.

The concept will no doubt could bring endless tourists to the lake, thereby generating fabulous revenue for Germany.
Art and advert. Would you not agree this is simply thinking out of the box?

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