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Saturday, August 20, 2011


Undivided -2005

 Patricia Piccinini, a female artist was born in 1965, of Australian origin. Her work is grouped under the genre biopank.

Her extensively internationally acclaimed works have been described as  hyper-realistic in nature because her sculptures look highly believable though non existent.
Undivided -(back)
They are mostly modifications of the forms of living organisms with bio technology for human purpose. Her work has explored issues such as children, their innocence, trust and vulnerability, creation and birth etc..

Her work 'Body guard' (2004) may have been motivated as a result of very strong opinion that developments in genetics, genomic and reproductive technologies should serve as solutions to our environmental problems, such as animal extinction for instance. This creation is like a keepsake for the endangered Golden Helmeted Honey-eater of Australia

The bodyguard -2004

In one of her speeches, she expressed that she sometimes felt revulsion and and fascination at the same time for some of her works too.  To me, that makes her human and simply just another artist. They (artists) are widely allowed to be eccentric.
Nest 2006

She is very endowed in the use of silicone, human hair, leather, fibre glass, etc..

This types of art bring to the fore, thought on ethical issues attached to developments in genes and hybridization, especially noting human errors and abuse which may occur. 

To lay credence to this, another work of hers named 'The Young family-2002-3'  shows dog body with  human face, and with the toes looking long just like fingers. Another 'The Long awaited -2008' showed the face with fused legs making it appear fish like without fins but fused toes. One cant help but notice hints of influence of surrealism, which feature elements of surprise and juxtaposition.

The Young Family 2002-3

The human imagination has no limitations or should it?

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