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Sunday, December 11, 2011


The story running all over the cyberspace today a Sunday, in Nigeria is about a very beautiful girl killed prematurely by her boyfriend now at large. The man in question is obviously very animalistic and inhuman.

What kind of emotion can lead a man to take the life of a loved one; i believe it not just jealousy but probably he was possessed by the devil himself. Its unfathomable.

Individuals here on earth meet and fall in and out of love .Therfore, it is no sin to end a relationship that is not working. Many young girls go through domestic violence without knowing what to do. She could have being experiencing bullying in several way from her man and believing that he would change. She would have kept it a secret as expected of sufferers. If she had been a little courageous, disaster may have been averted.

On this particular situation, there seem to be no tenable reason for now. Many stories are flying around and one that seem common to many of them is that the girl went to pool alone. Obviously this girl is not supposed to have a life outside that which includes her boyfriend 24/7.

Details of the names of the boyfriend has not been released yet but the gruesome murder took place somewhere in Lekki, Lagos.

Below is the picture of the girl-model while full of life and another showing her in death, in a pool of her own blood.

(Picture culled from: http://enigerianews.blogspot.com/2011/12/young-girl-butchered-by-boyfriend-in.html)
Its advisable that the signs of violence in men of any age in any relationship should not be ignored by their partners or played down because they often end in disaster. Battery and vilification of their spouses are regular strategies used to disguise their inadequacies.

Such was the story of another victim called Titi Arowolo, killed by her husband on his 30th birthday. (Read  story from: http://www.nairaland.com/nigeria/topic-703344.0.html )
                                            TITI AROWOLO AND HUSBAND AKOLADE


  1. woman should be treated well by man, woman should be loved and not be abused..if it happens woman has an every right to fight and stand from every rights that they have..before getting hooked make sure that you have known your partner well

  2. I think we as women are responsible for somethings men do us.Some of us think you're only loved by a man if he hit at you.That's not truth women.Some of them are in abusive relationship because they are a child mother or children mother and just depending on the man to bring in the money and they are not working.Some women need to wake up and know these are modern times get up and get, be independent.

  3. I guess its all bcz the don't trush each other ! N some woman does put man into Anger 2 do some things ut of dis world ! Men have a falt 2 ! But all I can say I'm sorry 4 bought of dem :h :b :p :d

  4. Men need to value women and love and deal with ther problems more better and wise sorry for her but god the almighty don't sleep