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Wednesday, September 7, 2011



A newly wed couple were offered a gift of honeymoon. Interestingly this gift came from a very good friend of the wife who happen to be a male.
This friend was earlier introduced to the new husband just before the wedding and for the purpose of a background story to explain the delivery of tickets for their honey moon in London
This new wife was so ecstatic about the trip and was looking forward to it. In spite of wanting to indulge his new wife, he was fairly suspicious of both the gift and the relationship. In any case, they went on the trip after the wedding. 
Immediately they arrived at the hotel booked, she was so much at home, the staffers were also exceptionally nice and welcoming to them. It then occurred to  the man that probably, she had visited the place before, maybe more than once, but obviously not the first visit. 
The husband was so full of jealousy and rage, but he tried effectively to keep those emotions in check. They slept on the same bed as expected, and soon, both drifted into sleep; understandably because they appeared tired after the long trip. 
The sleep of the husband was soon cut short as he was tossing and turning, while the sleep of the wife was so deep and peaceful initially. She started out with a sweet dream about her and her husband but was soon turned into a nightmare with the same spouse chasing her with a two edged sharp machete. While still running for dear life in the dream, she suddenly wakes up to life, to find him looking at her intently with bloodshot eyes; the sight was even more scary than in the dream.
After the wife gained a little composure but still puzzled at why the husband was looking at her, the man said in a very sarcastic cold deep voice; 'humn, in your own mind, you actually think you can run, don't you?'. 
what would you do from then on, if u were the wife or even as the husband?

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