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Monday, September 13, 2010


My brother is an expression that is very common in the part of Africa where i come from. it has different connotation to different people.
Brother of course is a simple expression of the name you can call your sibling whose gender is identified to be male.
I have four of them and they are wonderful. All of them are scattered all over the world. You cannot imagine how I feel, when i talk to them on the phone. I get so excited, words cannot explain.
I get very impressed with the difference in their differences, no pun intended. I get to call them brothers when we agree on issues and mesh in our ideas. I am so blessed to have grown up in the same household with them, because there can't be a better 'school'.
School . You would of course be wondering why i called my family a school.
A school is typified by the different classes, different departments, different scholars and different areas of interest.
when seen in terms of different departments belong to different field. The civil, electrical and the mechanical engineers,and  the accountants. They have all been successful in their own right. If i have to describe them as they come to me relating to their behaviors as we were growing up, them it will become more interesting.

The Music Lover:
Who would have peace if his idea is not swallowed. He has a swagger about him. He is good looking and very imposing. His love of music is very endearing. he even earned a living from that. his working part time as a deejay is not to imply that he needed the income from the preoccupation. I believe it was just to short list his clients as there were numerous of them who would like him to spin at their gigs.
The Academic:
Studying comes so easily to him. plenty of times, he would be watching the television and you would also find him reading. Quiet and unassuming. I love the way he dishes out his smiles, very endearing and  i am sure his wife could not resist his charming personality.
The Home Maker:
He is very emotional. You could keep a whole Sunday school class of babies with him and be at peace. You are assured there will not be a sound of cry form therein. So motherly will be a description from want of the right vocabulary. Even so, it will be an understatement describing him as such because he cooks and bakes brilliantly.
The Adventuresome:
He can dare to thread where others don't. Very enterprising and persevering. I have never seen any of them as respectful and loyal. He is so down to earth and has brought many friendships to the family.
But they only get to be called my brothers when we agree. They will be called bros when they upset me and i get pushed  to address them.

Bros, in another parlance, can be defined as any male in our local variance of English called pidgin, where there is no history of closeness in relationship. This definition is not exclusive of that meaning because it can also be used for anybody when expressing anger as i earlier wrote.

Bros is like calling an individual Mister, but in an informal situation.

However my bros are my brothers and i cherish them.

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  1. Hello Topsie,
    Waoh! you are so good! i was total engrossed from start to finish. Your story sounded like a family i know too.it is indeed a small world(our secret). i always enjoy your articles 'cause you write so flawlessly. i just have a question...WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN HIDING.?